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※We would like to ask you, if you are registered in English, to input in as much Japanese as possible your address, railway line and nearest station.
This makes easier for students to see and consequently gives you a better chance of business.
For translation to Japanese, the automatic translator is available on this website.
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 「*」The item currently attached is an indispensable item.
 「」The item will be opened to your potential student.
Place of birth(出生地)*
Mother tongue(母国語)*
Language you can teach
English French German Italian Japanese Korean Spanish Chinese 
Russian Portuguese Dutch 
Age(年齢)*  years old
Sex(性別)* male female
(block number and house number)
(city or district and town name)
Closest station(最寄駅)*  Station on  Line
 minutes walk from the station to your house
Home Phone(自宅電話)
Mobile Phone(携帯電話)
E-mail* *Just only webmail or can't fill in mobile email.
Job mail(仕事情報メールの受信可否設定) Can I send you the latest job info like this page?
receive urgent and not urgent job mails receive only urgent job mails not receive 

*About urgent status
urgent:The students want to take a trial lesson.
not_urgent:The students are very interested in a language communication,
but not decided to take a trial lesson, at first they want to know the teacher's list.
Japanese Ability(日本語レベル)* beginner intermediate advanced 
How long have you been
in Japan?(日本在住期間)*
0-1yrs 1-3yrs over 3yrs 
Type of VISA(ビザ種別)
Education background(学歴)*
(high school, university,
technical school and so on)
Career background(職歴)*
Current job(現職)*
Teaching experience(語学指導の経験)*
Teaching term(指導経験年数)* 0-1yrs 1-3yrs over 3yrs 
Teaching qualifications(教育関連の保有資格)*
Place for lesson(授業の場所)* lesson at a student's home only  lesson at a teacher's home only  lesson at a cafe or the other area 
Speciality for teaching(授業内容)* daily conversation business travel toeic 
Your available 
teaching area(授業可能な場所)*
Please select areas where you can teach.
Hokkaido area (Sapporo city, others)
 Tohoku area
 Kantou area
 Tokai area
NagoyaOwari (west part of Aichi prefecture)
Mikawa (east part of Aichi prefecture)Mie
 Hokuriku/Koshinetsu area
 Kansai area
 Chugoku area
 Shikoku area
 Kyushu/Okinawa area

Your available 
teaching lines and stations(授業可能な沿線・駅)*

*Teachers in Kantou & Kansai area only(関東・関西の講師のみ記入)
Please select train lines where you can teach.
*Teachers in Kantou & Kansai area only
----------JR Line(Kantou Area)----------
Yamanote Line
Keihin Tohoku Line
Gotenba Line
Sagami Line
Tsurumi Line
Main Tokaido line
Nambu Line
Negishi Line
Yokosuka Line
Yokohama Line
Itsukaichi Line
Ome Line
Sobu Line
Sobu Line (Rapid Service)
Chuo Line
Hachiko Line
Musashino Line
Utsunomiya Line
Saikyo Line
Takasaki Line
Uchibo Line
Kashima Line
Kururi Line
Keiyo Line
Jouban Chiyoda Line
Sotobo Line
Togane Line
Narita Line
Other JR line
----------Eidan Toei subway line(Kantou Area)----------
Eidan Ginza Line
Eidan Chiyoda Line
Eidan Tozai Line
Eidan Namboku Line
Eidan Hanzomon Line
Eidan Hibiya Line
Eidan Marunouchi Line
Eidan Yurakucho Line
Toei Asakusa Line
Toei Oedo line
Toei Shinjuku Line
Toei Mita Line
Other subway line
----------Odakyu Line(Kantou Area)----------
Odakyu Main Line
Odakyu Odawara Line
Odakyu Enoshima Line
Odakyu Tama Line
Other Odakyu line
----------Keio Line(Kantou Area)----------
Keio main Line and other Lines
Keio Sagamihara Line
Keio Takao Line
Keio Inokashira Line
Other Keio line
----------Tokyu Line(Kantou Area)----------
Tokyu Ikegami Line
Tokyu Oimachi Line
Tokyu Den-entoshi and Kodomonokuni Line
Tokyu Setagaya Line
Tokyu Toyoko Line
Tokyu Meguro line
Tokyu Tamagawa Line
Other Tokyu line
----------Seibu Line(Kantou Area)----------
Seibu Shinjuku Line
Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Seibu Chichibu Line
Seibu Kokubunji Line
Western Tamagawa Line
Seibu Tamako Line
Seibu Haijima Line
Other Seibu line
----------Tobu Line(Kantou Area)----------
Tobu Isesaki Line
Tobu Tojo Line
Tobu Nikko Line
Tobu Noda Line
Other Tobu line
----------Keisei Line(Kantou Area)----------
Keisei main line
Keisei Oshiage Line
Shin-Keisei Lines
Keisei Chiba Line
Other Keisei Line
----------Other Line(Kantou Area)----------
Tokyo Monorail
Rinkai Line
Yurikamome Line
Tama Monorail
Hakone Tozan Line
Kominato Railway line
Kanazawa Seaside Line
Shonan Monorail
Saitama Kousoku Railway
Ina Line(Saitama Shintoshi Kotsu)
Chichibu Railway
Toyo Kosoku Railway
Nagareyama Railway
Izumi Railway
Kanto Tetsudou Lines
Hokusou koudan Line
Keihin Kyuko Line
Other lines in Kanto area
----------JR Line(Kansai Area)----------
JR Osaka Kanjo Line
JR Toukaidou main line
JR Sanyo Line
JR Fukuchiyama Line
JR Tozai Line
JR Katamachi Line
JR Kansai Line
JR Hanwa Line
JR Nara Line
JR Sakurai Line
JR Wakayama Line
JR Sanin Line
JR Kosei Line
JR Sakurajima Line
JR Kakogawa Line
JR Bantan Line
JR Ako Line
JR Kishin Line
JR Kusatsu Line
JR Hokuriku Line
JR Maizuru Line
JR Kisei Line
JR Kansai Kuko Line
Other JR Line in Kansai area
----------Subway(Kansai Area)----------
Subway Midosuji line
Subway Tanimachi line
Subway Yotsuhashi Line
Subway Chuo Line
Subway Sennichimae line
Subway Sakaisuji line
Subway Nagabori tsurumi ryokuchi line
Other subway line
----------Hankyu Line(Kansai Area)----------
Hankyu Kobe line
Hankyu Itami line
Hankyu Imazu line
Hankyu Kouyou line
The Hankyu Takarazuka line
Hankyu Minoo line
Hankyu Senri line
The Hankyu Kyoto line
Hankyu Arashiyama line
Other Hankyu line
----------Hanshin Line(Kansai Area)----------
Hanshin main line
Hanshin Nishi Osaka line
Hanshin Mukogawa line
Other Hanshin line
----------Keihan Line(Kansai Area)----------
Keihan Sakamoto line
Keihan Outou line
Keihan Katano line
Keihan Keishin line
Keihan Ishiyamasakamoto line
The Keihan Uji line
Other Keihan line
----------Nankai Line(Kansai Area)----------
Nankai main line
The Nankai Koya line
Nankai Takashinohama line
The Nankai airport line
Nankai Tanagawa line
Nankai Kada line
Nankai Wakayamakou line
Nankai Kishigawa line
Other Nankai line
----------Kintetsu Line(Kansai Area)----------
Kintetsu difficulty wavy line
Kintetsu Nara Line
Kintetsu Higashi-Osaka line
Kintetsu Ikoma line
Kintetsu Osaka line
Kintetsu Minami Osaka line
Kintetsu Nagano line
Kintetsu Domyouji line
Kintetsu Kyoto line
Kintetsu Kashihara line
Kintetsu Nagoya line
Kintetsu Yamada Line
Kintetsu Iga line
Kintetsu Yoshino line
Kintetsu Shigi line
Kintetsu Tenri line
Kintetsu Tawaramoto line
Kintetsu Gose line
Other Kintetsu line
----------Other Line(Kansai Area)----------
KitaOsaka Kyukou line
Nanko port town line
Techno port line
Kokusai bunka kouen toshi monorail
Nose dentetsu line
Sanyo electric railroad main line
Sanyo electric railroad Aboshi line
Kobe Kousoku Tetsudou Tozai Line
Kobe Kousoku Tetsudou Nanboku line
Kobe Dentetsu Arima line
Kobe Dentetsu Mita Line
Kobe Dentetsu park city line
Kobe Dentetsu Ao line
Miki Tetsudo
Hojo Tetsudo Hojo line
Hokushin express line
Kobe city subway Nishijin/Yamanote Line
Kobe city subway Kaigan line
Rokko Island line
Port Island line
Arita Tetsudo
Kishu Railway
Hankai Denki Line
Semboku rapid railway line
Mizuma Railway
Kyoto subway Karasuma line
Kyoto subway Tozai Line
Keifuku line
Ohmi line
Other lines in Kansai area

Possible Work Schedule(授業可能な日時)*
Please select your schedule you can teach.
  From Until
Your hobby and interest(趣味・娯楽)*
PR to message to students(アピール)*
Hourly wage for 60minutes private lesson(1対1授業の授業料)*  / Hour(60minutes)
Hourly wage for 60minutes group of 4 lesson per student(4人以内の授業の授業料、生徒1人あたり)*  / Hour(60minutes)

 「*」 The item currently attached is an indispensable item.
 「」 The item will be opened to your potential student.
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