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We would like to ask you, if you are registered in English, to input in as much Japanese as possible your address, railway line and nearest station. This makes easier for students to see and consequently gives you a better chance of business. For translation to Japanese, the automatic translator is available on this website.

We have started Japanese translation service to translate your registered data. The service covers not only items such as your railway line and nearest station but also all the items, including your teaching experience, educational and business background, and your strength to appeal to students.

In addition, our service is more than translation. We create attractive text to Japanese students and recruitment staff of Japanese companies. We solidly support you to obtain more jobs under favorable conditions. In Japan, the look of your personal history or other documents affects your business opportunity more than in Western countries. Please do not miss the chance of using this translation service for your obtaining jobs. The charge is only 3,800 yen (tax included).

If you are interested, please apply in email with your ID and name to this e-mail address. The email title should write, “Application to translate my registered data ”. We will inform you in email regarding how to proceed.
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