This web site, Leverage provides foreigners all over Japan an opportunity to work, and simultaneously all the Japanese across the country a chance to learn foreign languages.

We think that we can help you taking an active role in this foreign land by offering jobs for language teachers. And at the same time we give the people in your vicinity a chance to learn foreign languages and eventually realize the internationalization from grass roots.

In the past, foreigners away from their home countries were literally free but had no protection. In the present day, foreigners still have a very hard time in earning and supporting themselves in this foreign country with language barrier except some part of region or some foreigners.

If very talented foreigners do not find an active stage without settling down or go back to their home countries only because they do not understand the local language, it will be a great loss in the local economics in the coming age when internationalization and cross-cultural communication is essential.

Since our establishment in 2000, we, Wired Consulting, as the name shows, have performed human resource matching and consulting business through Internet. Beginning with dispatching language teachers for school entrance examinations and language lecturers, it has been our main business to provide private and company language teachers, centering on English. Now starting up this site enables to realize “improvement in foreigners living conditions in Japan” and “maximization of their life value in the country”. Also, it actualizes a contribution to the local economics by offering far more people an opportunity to learn foreign languages less expensive and more effectively.

It is our pleasure if this web site will remove all the conventional ideas and various obstacles and contribute to all the people a fair chance of activity in the society. We, Leverage, provide all the foreigners in Japan a job opportunity and all the people in all regions throughout the country an opportunity to learn languages.


Absolutely free registration You will be found by potential students who want to study a foreign language , famous companies (schools) which want to hire language teachers and teacher agencies which introduce you so many students.

Just fill in this FREE registration form. You can get many teaching positions for FREE.
Efficient system for busy people You can decide as you like, time, date and place for lesson, including hours per lesson, as you will be contacted by such as e-mails directly from students.
Free registration & teacher search engine All the conditions that students ask for are shown on the web in Japanese publicly. They can retrieve according to their required conditions and contact you directly when their requirements are met.
You can register your choice of language, lesson time and hours, hourly rates (for lesson) to teach, your sex, etc.
Our performance in language teacher service, etc. Since our establishment in July 2000, we have continued business for three years and accumulated advanced knowhow of language study service and tutorial referral.
Teacher assessment system We offer an impartial chance in a true meaning to everybody by introducing our lecturer assessment system. You can acquire more students and higher hourly rates with your popularity and performance.

 [Our referral region: all over Japan] We will refer the nearest student nationwide centering on Tokyo outskirts.


[Our referral region: all over Japan] We will refer the nearest student nationwide centering on Tokyo outskirts.


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