Article 1 (As to Leverage)
Leverage is Wired Consulting Inc.
Leverage is a collective name for all the service that accompanies the sales service of language teacher’s e-mail address which Wired consulting Inc.(hereafter, referred as "Our company") manages.

Article 2 (Applicant for registration, Registered teacher)
1. Applicant for registration means one who wants to register at the Leverage database through the Leverage web site and input required information to the form and transmit.
2. Registered teacher means every teacher registered at the Leverage database. The registration at the database completes, when Registered teacher makes an authentication confirmation using an e-mail address after Applicant for registration transmits the content of registration, and the content appeared on the web page.

Article 3 (Content of service)
1. Leverage introduces an individual or a corporation who looks for a language teacher among Registered teachers. However, it does not guarantee that it introduces Registered teacher without fail.
2. Leverage provides Registered teacher the information on employment and job offers through Our company and the affiliated companies as additional service besides referral to the individuals or companies who look for language teachers by the means of e-mail, postal mail, telephone or other alternatives. However, it does not guarantee that it offers the information without fail.

Article 4 (Effect of Agreement)
This agreement is effective when Applicant for registration transmits a registration form.

Article 5 (Obligation of Compliance with Agreement, Obligation of Registered Teacher)
1. Applicant for registration and Registered teacher bear the obligation to comply with this agreement during and after the registration.
2. Registered teacher bears the obligation to receive messages from Leverage and confirm the content.

Article 6 (Term of Registration)
1. From April to March of the next year is fiscal year of registration. In addition, the period between the date when a registration application form is transmitted and the end of the fiscal year including the day of transmission of the said application is the registration guaranteed term.
2. There is a possibility that registrations will be deleted one by one up to the end of the next year of the fiscal year including the transmission day of the said application, after the completion of the registration guaranteed term.
3. If the content of registration is changed and updated before or after the registration guaranteed term ends, the new guaranteed term will be set starting on the day when the changed and updated form was transmitted.

Article 7 (Deletion of Registration)
Registered teacher may voluntarily delete own data by inputting own ID and password and entering the lecturer information management page. Leverage deletes the corresponding registration at the request of deletion by Registered teacher.
2. In the following cases, Leverage has the right to delete the entire, or a part of, registered content of Registered teacher before or after notification:
-At the completion of Term of Registration mentioned in Article 6,
-When a false item may be found in the content of registration,
-When there is an inappropriate item to be public on the web site or whatsoever.
3. Registered teacher shall not protest against the above.

Article 8 (Prohibition Clause)
Applicant for registration and Registered teacher shall not conduct the following before, during, and after registration, whether registered or not:
1. Register false information intentionally,
2. Conduct same kind of commercial activity using the information acquired from the Leverage service.
3. Disclose the information obtained through Our company service on such a place as Internet bulletin board. (However, it excludes when Our company service is introduced as recommendation).
4. Disclose the information of the student whom Our company referred.

Article 9 (Exclusion Clause)
Our company exempts from responsibility for all incurred including monetary compensation in such a case between Registered teacher and an e-mail address vender, the e-mail address vender disadvantages intentionally or negligently Applicant for registration or Registered teacher.
Leverage (managed by Wired consulting Inc.) always tries to keep the information of e-mail address venders reliable and accurate. However, Leverage does not guarantee that all are accurate.
When an e-mail address vender cannot respond to the interview with Registered teacher or the lesson due to inconvenience of schedule, or any other disagreement in conditions, Leverage (managed by Wired consulting Inc.) exempts from responsibility for all incurred including monetary compensation.

Article 10 (Change or Termination of Service)
Leverage may change or terminate the content of our service. In this case, notice before and after the fact may be omitted.

Article 11 (Privacy)
1. The staff who are involved in the Leverage service never disclose private information received on Applicants for registration and Registered teachers to the third person without the permission of the person, during the registration or after the deletion of the registration, whether registration is permitted or not. However, it excludes such a case when they inform the e-mail address vender or whosoever of the necessary information at referral to the e-mail address vender.
2. As an exception of the preceding clause, when Applicant for registration or Registered teacher breaks this agreement or especially when Our company consider as malicious act, Our company may register the private information at the intelligence agency consisting of Our company and other language teacher service companies within the range of five (5) years.

Article 12 (Change of Regulation)
Our company may change this regulation. In that case, the notice to Registered teacher may be omitted when Our company considers unnecessary to notify.

Article 13 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)
This regulation shall be governed by and under the laws of Japan. Tokyo District Court will be the first trial exclusive jurisdiction court about the dispute caused in relation to the service or this agreement between Our company and Applicant for registration or Registered teacher.


Our referral region: Our company will refer the nearest possible student nationwide centering on Tokyo outskirts.


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